Tell us about the selection and training procedure?

Mars One plans to create multiple simulation outposts in different locations for easier training logistics and diverse realism exposure.

According to the Mars One website, astronaut candidates should have characteristics of resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust and creativity/ resourcefulness. I love a challenge, and am greatly looking forward to whatever lies ahead!

Specifically, we had to answer a number of questions in our online application particularly regarding how we would respond to challenging situations and also describing our character and personality. Out of around 200 000 people who showed interest on the website, 1058 Round 2 candidates were selected and announced in January 2014.

After a medical examination and a number of candidates choosing to withdraw, currently 663 candidates remain. 

Online interviews to determine Round 3 Mars One candidates are currently underway during December and January. In February 2015, the results will be announced.

During the online interviews of December and January 2015, we will be required to answer questions on material that was distributed to us with information on both Mars and the Mars One Project. Medical officer Dr. Norbert Kraft will be conducting all interviews.

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