Read some of my interviews reflecting the fascinating discussion evoked by Mars One's plan to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2025.

  • Apr 2015

    Living Maths and Adriana Marais

    Living Maths Cape Town Science Centre

  • Mar 2015

    This SA woman may go to Mars and never return

    News 24

  • Feb 2015

    Two South Africans ready to become Martians

    Jacaranda FM

  • Feb 2015

    Nick interviews Mars One hopeful Adriana Marais

    5FM Hamman Time

  • Feb 2015

    The first person on Mars could be South African!


  • Nov 2014

    Durban digital event leads with Mars adventure

    Daily News

  • Aug 2014

    One way ticket to Mars

    East Coast Radio Breakfast Show

  • Aug 2014

    Bye, bye Earth, hello Mars

    Get It Magazine

  • Apr 2014

    People We Admire - Adriana Marais

    Fair Lady

  • Mar 2014

    UKZN Doctoral Student on Shortlist for Mars


  • Feb 2014

    The even greater trek

    Sunday Times

  • Jan 2014

    Mars adventure beckons

    Daily News