Credit: Originally published by Eveready | 2 August 2018.

Every August, South Africa commemorates National Women’s Month as a way to recognise the remarkable women of our nation. While we reflect on the bravery of the 20 000+ women who marched against the pass laws in 1956, we’d also like to acknowledge the awe-inspiring women around us today. Below are five such ladies who have changed the game and left their mark on our nation. Fill your feeds with thought-provoking updates by following them on social media this Women’s Month and beyond!

  1. Dr Adriana Marais

Meet Adriana Marais – a PhD holder, theoretical physicist, director of the Foundation for Space Development South Africa and, perhaps most remarkably, an aspiring extraterrestrial. Adriana has always dreamt of living on another planet and is currently one of the 100 ‘Mars One’ astronaut candidates in the running to move to Mars in 2027.

Around 200 000 hopefuls initially signed up for the project, which will see 24 people embarking on a one-way trip to the red planet to establish a permanent human settlement. “I am prepared to sacrifice my life on Earth for this possibility, this adventure, this achievement that would not be my own, but that of all humanity,” she said.

Follow Adriana’s extraordinary journey:

  • Twitter: @adrianamarais
  • Instagram: @ adriana__marais

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