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VIDEO: One-way ticket to Mars

Dr Adriana Marais recently spoke at Northfields International School in Mauritius about the possibility of humans settling on Mars. Her trip was organised by Sanlam Private Wealth Mauritius. Below is a video of her talk, created by Alex Nixon of...

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How to reclaim identity in a virtual world

We’re bringing information and devices online at an unprecedented rate, raising one of the fundamental questions of our time: how do we represent ourselves in this digital world that we are creating? And more importantly, how do we secure our identity in a digital world? We’ve heard about blockchain for currencies and smart contracts, a compelling and crucial application is in securing online identity.

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The power of quantum biology

Credit: Originally published by the Mail & Guardian. A scientific response to the big question—“What is life?”—may remain elusive for some time, but research in the quickly emerging area of “quantum biology” offers intriguing possibilities. As the name suggests,...

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"Connectivity has become a basic resource like water and food, a sustainable approach to such resources is critical for the future. It is important to support the dreams of young people with tools from STEM to make those dreams a reality." @SAPAfrica

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