Creativity for good: Refocusing innovators on what matters – #create4good
Hosted by the Social Impact Hub

Friday 6 Oct. | 15:05 – 15:45 | Theatre 1
[Thriving through creativity breakout]

Some organisations are renowned for their creativity. Their leadership empowers teams to think creatively and foster conditions in which creativity can thrive. They understand that most breakthroughs come from multiple failures, and they develop an appetite for risk and a long-term mindset. How can these creative champions be encouraged to use their reservoirs of innovation to focus on urgent social problems and issues?
• What are examples of creative organisations that achieve commercial success while maximising the good they do for society?
• Is risk taking and long-term thinking limited to agile agencies and creative outlets? What are examples of
innovative, collaborative and inclusive thinking that draws on the strengths of the private sector, the public sector and NGOs?
• What are the most striking examples of inclusive innovation? How can innovators integrate more use cases for women into their processes?
Moderator: Meena Harris, Phenomenal Women Action Campaign
Ø Uri Ben-Ari, Founder, Athena Fund
Ø Laurence Lafont, General Manager Marketing & Operations, Microsoft France
Ø Adriana Marais, Head of Innovation, SAP Africa