Credit: Originally published by Jacaranda FM | 1 December 2017.

Theoretical physicist Dr Adriana Mars is hoping to travel to outer space as part of the Mars One project in the next few years. 

In her Twitter bio, Dr Adriana Marais describes herself as an “aspiring extraterrestrial”. For as long as she can remember, Adriana has believed that human beings have a future on Mars.

Now, as part of the Top 100 candidates chosen to participate in the Mars One project, Adriana hopes to have the opportunity to travel to Mars to begin a new life there.

If she is chosen, Adriana will spend the rest of her life on Mars. That’s right: she’ll be travelling on a one-way ticket!

Previously, Adriana sounded very excited at the prospect of being one of the first humans to start a new society on another planet:

We invited primary school kids to pick Adriana’s brain about all things science and outer space:

Adriana also shared more about the progress of the Mars One bid to send a crew to start a colony on Mars within the next eight years: