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Dialling in from South Africa, and drinking her own bottle of bubbly, Adriana chats to Paul and Cookie about her aspirations of living on the Red Planet, why the move is so important for the future of Earth, and ‘pikey’ humans?If moving to a different planet isn’t risky, then we don’t know what is.

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Adriana Marais on Cliff Central

What would motivate someone to leave the comfort of Earth to go for the unknown and make a whole new planet their home? Gareth gets to the bottom of this by chatting to South African Mars One candidate Adriana Marais. The self-described aspiring Martian chats about her love of what lies in the sky above us and what it would mean for her to be selected to live on the fourth planet from the Sun.

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Dr Adriana Marais answers kids’ questions about life on Mars

Theoretical physicist Dr Adriana Mars is hoping to travel to outer space as part of the Mars One project in the next few years. We invited primary school kids to pick Adriana’s brain about all things science and outer space. Adriana also shared more about the progress of the Mars One bid to send a crew to start a colony on Mars within the next eight years.

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Adriana on Twitter

"When are we really moving to Mars? Theoretical physicist & founder of #ProudlyHuman Dr Adriana Marais has dreamt of living #OffWorld since childhood. Now she's leading a team of aspiring 'extraterrestrials' in an experiment to prove it could work. Read: adrianamarais photo

Whatever planet we're on, our future survival will depend on technology. But most importantly it'll depend on society itself & how successful communities are at working together in extreme & resource-constrained environments #ProudlyHuman @SundayTimesZA adrianamarais photo

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