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Dialling in from South Africa, and drinking her own bottle of bubbly, Adriana chats to Paul and Cookie about her aspirations of living on the Red Planet, why the move is so important for the future of Earth, and ‘pikey’ humans?If moving to a different planet isn’t risky, then we don’t know what is.

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Dr Adriana Marais answers kids’ questions about life on Mars

Theoretical physicist Dr Adriana Mars is hoping to travel to outer space as part of the Mars One project in the next few years. We invited primary school kids to pick Adriana’s brain about all things science and outer space. Adriana also shared more about the progress of the Mars One bid to send a crew to start a colony on Mars within the next eight years.

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Masterclass – Getting to and living on Mars

Azania chats to James Adams who is a former NASA Deputy Chief Technologist, and Dr Adriana Marais who has qualified as one of the top 100 people selected to partake in the Mars One expedition. They are part of a panel discussion hosted by the U.S Consulate and Sci Bono. They speak about getting to Mars and what life could be like on the Red planet.

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Adriana Marais may soon leave for Mars (never to return)

Quantum Biology Researcher Adriana Marais is on a mission to get to Mars. She’s made it onto a shortlist of 100 people vying for a place on the Mars One expedition. The project aims to send four people at a time to create a permanent colony on Mars.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Marais for his weekly “ShapeShifter” feature.

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Theoretical physicist Adriana Marais on her one way trip to Mars

Adriana Marais is preparing herself for a one-way trip to Mars. She has been short-listed for the Mars One project. If selected, she will see her dream of travelling to the Red Planet fulfilled in 2026. Marais, who is a theoretical physicist and member of the Quantum Research Group, says her fascination with living on another planet started at a young age. She joins us on the line now to tell us more.

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