Africa Tech Summit Kigali 2019

Dr Adriana Marais believes that we are living at a unique point in the history of life on Earth. Developments in science and technology are taking place at an unprecedented rate, and the expansion of our society beyond this planet is within reach. In her presentation she talks about her research in quantum biology and the origins of life, the technology required to sustain terrestrial life on Mars and the various projects aiming to send crewed missions there. She describes how the establishment, and potential discovery of evidence of, life on Mars, would be one of the most profound possible contributions of science to humanity.

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Aviation Africa to feature key speakers from Qatar Airways and outer space

Africa remains one of the greatest potential markets for air transport on the globe and this year’s annual Aviation Africa summit and exhibition will explore even further afield with the show organisers promising speakers that are both down to earth and out of this world. The event takes place in Kigali, Rwanda (27-28 Feb 2019). Stepping into the unknown will be key to the presentation by Dr Marais – a quantum biologist, a theoretical physicist, the director of the South Africa Space Foundation and head of innovation for SAP Africa.

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Proudly Human – Dr Adriana Marais

Since the dawn of the 20thcentury, more and more women have been taking on entrepreneurial roles as well as breaking grounds in fields that were not previously available to them. One such field is science, and once such woman who is literally reaching for the stars, is Dr Adriana Marais. A physicist, innovator, aspiring astronaut, and the Head of Innovation at SAP Africa where she is driving digitisation and innovation on the continent, Dr Marais is a woman on a mission. A mission that she believes will culminate in one of the most profound possible contributions to the science of all humanity – the potential discovery of evidence of life beyond Earth.

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Dr Adriana Marais: Mars is my destiny

Dr Adriana Marais, Head of Innovation, SAP Africa, is one of the candidates for the Mars One programme, meaning she could go on a one-way trip to Mars. We talked to Dr Marais about what drives her out-of-this-world ambition.

Dr Marais said: “I’ve wanted to explore other planets since I was about four. I wasn’t sure which ones at that point, and then in 2013, I read the newspaper headline: ‘Call for volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars’. I hadn’t even finished reading that sentence when I knew, this was my opportunity, this was my destiny.”

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Adriana on Twitter

"When are we really moving to Mars? Theoretical physicist & founder of #ProudlyHuman Dr Adriana Marais has dreamt of living #OffWorld since childhood. Now she's leading a team of aspiring 'extraterrestrials' in an experiment to prove it could work. Read: adrianamarais photo

Whatever planet we're on, our future survival will depend on technology. But most importantly it'll depend on society itself & how successful communities are at working together in extreme & resource-constrained environments #ProudlyHuman @SundayTimesZA adrianamarais photo

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